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April 2006

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Leaves - April 11

Today I'm realizing I majored in the wrong thing in college. I should have gone into archeology. Some of the tools used in that field would no doubt be of use when searching through the layers of sediment, umm, I mean paper, built up in several stacks in my apartment.

The hunt began innocently enough; I merely needed to lay hands on one specific piece of paper. But apparently it had used its powers of paper-transit to move itself to a new location. It was no longer to be found near the top of the stack in which I am sure I placed it a while back.

I noticed there were more layers of sediment-I-mean-paper that had added themselves to that stack of their own volition, but I was not to be swayed. I continued the hunt to the bottom of that stack. I found several things of interest, but not the one I needed.

So I tried another stack. Same result.

At that point I decided going to do something else might help convince the sheet of paper I sought that I intended to do it no harm (it's a keeper, not getting shredded), and would definitely improve my mood. So I sat down to write this.

If the paper surfaces before I forget why I wanted it, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, I'm going to look into the archeology program at a university near me.

Radical - April 10

Radical idea of the day: just stop all this fuss about immigration. Open the borders. Make it just as easy for someone to cross a national border to go to work as it is to cross a state or county line.

And not just to go to work. Add in to go shopping or whyever else people have legitimate need to go somewhere.

Ye gods. Build a wall? Of all the stupid ideas I've heard this year, that one has to be the stupidest. Even if they who propose it do mean a fence. Still stupid.

On a related note: Those of you who demand that all immigrants learn English, remember that some of us, as adults, are not good at learning new languages. I'm one of them, and I have the college grades to prove it. Make language classes available, sure. But no requirement.

Enough for one radical day.

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