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February 2006

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Becky Ecumenical Says - February 22

Just call me Becky Ecumenical. I am, and intend to remain, basically Lutheran. But that has never stopped me from dipping into other denominations, or indeed other religions entirely, for learning about them and for personal growth.

And I am a reader of church newsletters, those that arrive in snail mail and those I subscribe to online. One of the newer ones in my online reads is The Emergent Catholic Journal. I'm mentioning it tonight because I know some people who read my journal are Roman Catholic but have serious questions about that Church's practices. Others are curious about things religious and perhaps share my ecumenical streak. I thought you all might like to know of the Emergent Catholic Church.

Which frankly I hadn't heard of till I made friends recently with Bishop Salvato. I've linked to his journal site a time or two, because I very much like his writing, and his take on life. That fondness for his writing extends to the homilies and other items in the newsletter. And in case you're wondering, his take on life is a constant across his writing.

By way of introduction, a paragraph from the newsletter itself:

"Bishop Francis-Maria Salvato, SFI, ThD is the bishop-protector of the Apostolic Society of Franciscan Communities -- an eparchy within The Emergent Catholic Church -- an open and affirming worldwide communion of religious communities following the inclusive and compassionate example of St. Francis of Assisi. Twenty-four years after entering the consecrated religious life, Bishop Salvato led the community he shepherded toward a "rediscovery of the ancient and inclusive charism of Christ's Teaching", eventually establishing the communion as a canonically independent and affirming Catholic Church. Today, the Church operates ministries throughout the United States, Canada and South America. Visit: http://franciscan"

If you'd like to read the latest issue, I'll be happy to forward it to you; just ask. It's in .pdf format, by the way.

If the newsletter is something you'd like to receive each week, you're welcome to subscribe (I'll include the e-mail address for that).

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