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February 2006

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Prior and Current Events - February 10

If you type your birth date into the box that pops up here, you'll be reminded of things that have happened and will see your age in relation to certain celebrities.

None of the events noted surprised me, but then I have a pretty good memory for things I might not need to remember, and some of them (September 11, 2001) are dates we all remember. Be sure to check the other links on the page, too.

As I told the folks who introduced me to this, I was glad to see I'm still younger than Walter Cronkite.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We're having weather change tonight, and supposed to have rain tomorrow, with some accompanying snow. I'm glad that the timing of my day worked out that I got my groceries this afternoon, when it was sunny and lovely.

Tomorrow I plan to stay inside as much as possible. My crochet project is coming along quite well, and tomorrow will be a good day to devote to that. Since I'm enjoying the work, I'm thinking that means tomorrow will be a very good day.

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