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February 2006

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Sleepy - February 6

I'm sleepy. It has been a busy day, a good one. But at the moment I'm sleepy. So I'm not going to write much.

I'm sitting here watching Charlie Rose's compilation of interviews with Wendy Wasserstein, from the times she was a guest on his show. I'm sorry there won't be more plays from her, and more appearances on Charlie Rose's show. The show also has a segment with friends of hers, and it's good to have their insight.

I've always liked getting a glimpse into the life of a writer. It somehow makes their work richer to me. I'm not talking about gossip, by the way, I'm talking about things the writer would not mind having known, and is willing to share in interviews.

Okay, that's enough. I'm getting close to babbling. I think I should indulge the sleepy.

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