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February 2006

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Update - February 5

You may wonder why I don't write more about job-hunting. The answer is that job-hunting is for the most part, all I've been doing, and I don't want to write about it every day. So I mainly write about other things.

Someone asked me today if I was seeking freelance work instead of job-hunting. No, I'm just trying to make every cent I can make. I don't have much faith that the freelance pleas are going to amount to anything, but I do have some time, usually at night, that I can devote to proofreading or small word-processing things or the crocheting I'm doing. And since announcing my availability here is free, I'm taking advantage of it.

I already am registered at one local temporary-to-permanent employment agency, one that found me online. So far, no results. I'm going to another. I am registered with two online agencies, and have put the word out many other ways that I'm available. I'm trying to build up some skills that seem to be more in demand. I'm doing what I can toward networking. Nearly everyone I see hears that I'm hunting for work.

I'm praying. A lot. I'm asking for guidance, for courage, for comfort when I'm scared.

I'm asking people to keep me in prayers or send good thoughts, whichever they're more comfortable doing. I'm trying very hard to take the good advice several friends have offered, in terms of my resume and cover letters, as well as venues to pursue.

What I'm not doing is trying to sell anything on any online auction site for which a transaction fee is collected whether or not the item sells, because I have never had good results with that and I have utterly no money to spend on something I think won't work. I'm also not signing up at any employment agency or website that wants money from me, in case you wondered.

I write of running errands. Umm, that's shorthand for "I'm getting on the bus, riding downtown, getting the latest ads from the local employment guides, and occasionally picking up anything grocery-ish that the drugstore sells cheaper than anywhere else, then coming home to see what jobs are available."

I'm also, of course, doing things to cut expenses whenever and wherever I can. For the record, the bus system here is fare-free.

Personally, I'm being mindful of what I eat. I've lost the last several pesky pounds I wanted to lose. I've cut back some on caffeine, and I've been sleeping well. My foot is healed from the November sprain. My hands and ankle are doing well, and my back has behaved itself rather well.

So I welcome advice. If you want to comment on my resume I'll be happy to send (by e-mail) a text copy. I'll be happy to hear of any job openings you know of, and most of all I ask you for continued prayers or good thoughts.

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