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February 2006

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Choices in Academia - February 2

It has just been made known to me, tenfold, that my academic qualifications have expired. I am, as you understand, devastated to learn that not only do I need to deal with getting a job, I have to start back to kindergarten.

Yes, I really did get ten copies of the same piece of spam, not that I read any of them. No, I have no plans to go back to kindergarten. But can you imagine the crowded schools we'd have if everyone who got even one copy of that spam headed back to the classroom?

Of course, if it turns out there is any validity to the spammer's comment, perhaps those of us who need to renew our academic qualifications could take advantage of the offer made by another spammer.

That offer was a Ph. D., to be granted by e-mail as soon as your check for some serious money cleared the bank. I think for slightly less money you could get a Master's.

Hmm. Wonder what the price is for a kindergarten diploma?

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