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February 2006

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Textures - February 1

This has been a very rich, full day.

The yarn for a client project arrived today. I am settled into crochet mode, and the work on the first blanket is going well. I always love getting into a new project, and this one is going to be fun.

I had to go to the Post office that serves my apartment complex to pick up the package, and since I'm not used to riding the bus to get there, I needed a little help when I was getting near the stop. I looked across the aisle and asked two men if they knew which stop was the correct one. They did, so they took charge of getting me off the bus.

I got the package, then while I waited for the bus I spent a little time being still, enjoying the sunshine, and thinking of my friends, especially those who are having challenging weeks. I wish them all the strength to meet the challenges.

On my way home a bit later, I had two wonderful encounters, both involving children riding buses.

The first was as I sat across the aisle from a mother with two young children. The older child was talkative and a true delight. She was enormously pleased to have gotten onto the bus and found what she described as "the perfect seat."

It was, she explained to her mother and to me, perfect because she could see where the bus was going, could see the driver driving, and could reach the signal tape to ring the bell when the time came. It did my soul much good to be in the presence of hers.

And the second, on a different bus, was as I sat across from one of my neighbors in the complex. She was accompanied by her youngest child, a little boy who is around 14 months old. The little boy entertained me much of the ride by waving to me (and yes of course I waved back).

When we got all the way here, I held him while his mom got his stroller unfolded. It never fails to make my day to get to hold a little child; to be trusted that way is one of the highest honors I know of.

Also included in the day's goodness was some encouraging news on the work front, some happy news posted to a message board, and some wonderful correspondence with some of the friends mentioned above.

It was good to have this day.

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