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December 2005

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Good Things - December 30

Today worked out to be a good day.

I'm glad I decided to delay my errand trip until mid-afternoon. The timing on that worked out so that I had a chance to talk with both the bus drivers I mentioned yesterday, to let them know I was all right.

I caught up with one as he was starting his break, and with the other as she came to relieve the driver on my bus going home, so we had the whole ride to chat. I'm sure I'll see both these people again, but it mattered to me to let it be known why I wasn't showing up and to again thank them for their kindnesses.

In between the errands and the ride home, I had a chance to talk with a couple of local businessmen who promised to pass along any leads they heard of, and to share my name as they saw fit. Both had good comments to make regarding the job situation in the area.

I came home feeling that good things are possible.

This weekend will be devoted to resume updating and other forward-looking things. Looking forward seems to be extremely appropriate on this particular weekend.

Of course, I continue to appreciate all the good thoughts coming toward me. And I'll also appreciate your remembering I'm available for freelance projects.

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