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December 2005

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The Next Day - December 29

I don't want to write about the less-happy parts of the mixed bag that today has been. I don't want to write about getting up and dressed and getting on the bus to go to the office, totebags in hand, to get my things. I don't want to write about saying goodbye to Kathy and to Younger Partner.

Instead, I'll tell you about meeting the woman downtown who joined me in waiting for the bus. She came to me because I was smoking, and asked if I could trade her a cigarette for chocolate. I told her I'd be happy to give her a cigarette, but that I really didn't need the calories from the chocolate. She laughed as she accepted the gift, and said she didn't either.

I was taking a bus one earlier than the one I would ordinarily have taken, so I haven't had a chance yet to say goodbye to the regular driver. Something similar happened on the way home from the office. At least I saw the regular driver of the bus from downtown to home, even though I was early. I was across the street from his bus as he was heading the opposite direction, but he saw me and we waved. So at least he knows I had a way home even if I wasn't on his bus.

The ones I didn't see today are two of the ones who have been nicest to me. I'll have to make a point of being downtown to see them both; possibly tomorrow. I need to go to the bank, and can make the trip be a bit later in the day than I might otherwise.

I think while I'm downtown I'll take a tour of several of the stores I used to visit when I worked downtown. I can do a little networking, regarding finding new work. I wouldn't mind at all working for a time in one of the stores, though retail isn't part of my history. If someone offers me a job, I'm available Monday. Or Saturday, if needed.

Speaking of networking, please feel free to pass the word to your friends that I'm available for freelance projects.

Meantime, I want to say thank you again to everyone who has written with sympathy and prayers and ideas for me. Your support and kindness mean a whole lot. Special thanks go to Patrick and TeKay, my non-journal-writing friends Jeff and Sean, and my best friend Donna, for being there with their own sorts of support.

And with all this goodness coming toward me, I find it easier to remember to have hope.

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