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December 2005

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Finally - December 27

Today it finally feels like Christmas. The day itself was, quite frankly, not all that special a day. It was pleasant enough for a Sunday, but it really didn't feel that much like Christmas. Today did. I got to spend time talking in person or on the phone with friends, to share a meal, and to enjoy my Christmas gift money from my best friend.

TeKay came by work to get something a friend had sent to me for him, and offered me a ride home. Once we got in the car, going home morphed into going to the shopping center for my retail foray (for clothes), stopping for TeKay to run an errand, going to TeKay's to feed the cats, and then going out to dinner.

TeKay's cats, Diana and Apollo, were definitely glad to see him, because they knew that mean FOOD! After she had her fill, Diana came over and visited with me on the sofa while Apollo ate more. It seems that Diana is the more aloof of the two, so I am honored that she thought me a worthy playmate.

While we were at dinner, a friend of TeKay's called. We invited him to come join us at the restaurant. I enjoyed getting the chance to talk with him, and flat forgot to ask if it was okay to call him by name in the journal, so we'll just call him by the pronoun. We three know enough of the same people and have similar enough interests that the conversation never lagged.

After dinner, TeKay brought me home, and I called Donna to tell her what she had bought me for Christmas. It was good to get to talk with her, and hear about Christmas at their home.

So now it's the late evening part of my Christmas. I've opened my presents, had good food with good company, talked with my best friend, and am enjoying the happy feelings. Merry Christmas!

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