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December 2005

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Random Thoughts - December 23

Some pre-Christmas thoughts.

Every year around this point in the season I start realizing how many gift ideas I have for people for whom I'm not buying a gift. Those who are casual acquaintances, usually, or people whose lives and mine no longer intertwine, or people with whom a mutual, "no gifts," policy is intact.

I should get in touch with their families or friends and share the suggestions, in case they need last-minute ideas.

This year I've not shopped all that much in stores where Christmas music has been playing. I'm now realizing I haven't heard nearly enough of that. Yes, I know most people are complaining that they've heard too much. If you're looking for normal, you're in the wrong place.

And if I never hear or see the phrase, "War on Christmas," again, that will suit me just absolutely fine.

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Pico has written a version of "you" that is comprised of quotes. I like her idea very much.

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