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December 2005

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On a Sunday Afternoon - December 19

The afternoon started with very loud music and something really funny. The loud music was coming from somewhere in the complex, and really didn't last that long. But before it ended, my upstairs neighbor and I both got annoyed with it.

As it happened, I had been napping. I'm not sure what she was doing prior to the abuse by amplifier. But once the music started, we were both sure the other was responsible.

She started the complaining by stamping her foot very hard on the bedroom floor. I countered by yelling at the ceiling. She wasn't sure yet that I wasn't the culprit, so she went stomping into her living room to check the sound level in there.

I did something similar, without the stomping. By this time I was reasonably sure the music was coming from a different direction, so I opened my bedroom window just long enough to get a better fix on the source. Sure enough, it was coming from somewhere at or near the other end of the building.

The upstairs neighbor apparently heard me close my window, not surprising since I wasn't trying to be all that quiet in doing so. Either that or she figured out the source of the music on her own. In any case, she quit blaming it on me and ceased her stomping.

I was pondering my next move when the music went away. I'm not sure of this, but it's entirely possible that the police officer, who happened to be driving by as my window was open and I was listening intently, stopped and gave a clue to the noisemakers. The silence was wonderful, however it came to be.

And I'm pretty sure my upstairs neighbor is as relieved as I am to learn that neither of us has suddenly taken up aural torture for a hobby.

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