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December 2005

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Friends and Memories - December 18

This weekend has largely been about writing. In addition to journal entries, there have been several e-mail exchanges with a couple of friends. To be done are several replies, including one to friends who plan to come visit later in the week.

I'll be off work a few days surrounding the holiday weekend. This has more to do with the bus system's holiday schedule than with my plans, but it is working out well for me, too. I'll be able to spend time with my friends, for one thing, and to sit down and really read through the holiday greetings that have arrived, for another.

* * * * * * * * * * *

A really nice thing that happened this past week was being given quite a few pairs of earrings that had belonged to my friend who died in July. Her daughter (who is also my friend) gave them to me because I don't have pierced ears but I do love earrings.

I'm having a great time looking through the stash, and the Christmas tree earrings have already graced my earlobes a couple of days.

In recent months I've been given several things that had belonged to my friend. Every time I use or wear one of the things I am reminded of happy times with my late friend, and of the friendships with her and her daughter.

It's really special to have so many tangible points of love. And that's exactly what they are.

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