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December 2005

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After the Robbery - December 16

Actually, I heard it slightly wrong but I did see the police checking for evidence on and in the stolen getaway car after the bank robbery.

When I was on the bus on the way to work Thursday, I heard the driver saying that there had been a robbery at a local home improvement store, and that the robber had left his car in an apartment complex. The story continued that the police were combing the complex.

When we got to the complex the getaway car was actually crashed onto a sidewalk. A police car and an evidence van were parked behind it, but for decorum's sake they stayed on the street. I could see the officers surveying the situation, and was sorry they had to deal with it in pouring rain.

I understand why the driver thought the store had been robbed. When we got near enough to see the store, we could also see five police cars parked in various spots between the parking lot entrance and the store's front door.

The bank, which was the actual target of the robber, did not have any police cars in its lot, at least none in the front. I couldn't see if there were any parked behind the building.

It turns out that the store was getting all the attention because the robber, after wrecking the car, took off on foot and got into the store through a back entrance. The police evacuated the store to search it, but the man got away.

As I write this, he has not been captured. The best guess, this many hours after the robbery and chase, is that he had an accomplice waiting in the store's front parking lot and that he made a swift exit through the front door before anyone had a chance to stop him.

I'm just glad no one was hurt, and that I came by as the adventure was winding down.

The rest of the day was filled with work and friends. In other words, the enjoyable sort of adventure.

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