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December 2005

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Updates - December 11

The cold I started out with last Sunday is in its last bits, for which I'm grateful. This one was almost totally a head cold, and that has been a huge nuisance. I hate head colds.

And for those keeping up with the state of my health, my foot is slowly but surely getting better. The bruises have faded, and the soreness is localized. Make no mistake, though, I am still well aware of the need to be careful when stepping down on it. A bad step at this point causes enough pain to remind me.

Saturday was stay-home day. I had intended to do more crocheting, and indeed I did a small bit. But I got involved with several other things around the apartment that took up most of the time I was awake. And if you're thinking there was a lot of sleeping involved, you're right.

I think my body and mind both rebelled a bit at the rush that December seems to be these days. And the sleep did both some good. Today I really need to get some things done, and with enough sleep, I think I'll be more inclined to do them.

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