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December 2005

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Christmas Approaches - December 10

It's beginning to feel like Christmas to me.

Friday night I sat down and started working in earnest on a crocheted Christmas gift. I hadn't really been in the mood to work on the project earlier in the week, and was about to decide to give up on it. I'm glad I didn't do that. This project is going well, and is quite satisfying.

And after the recipient has it, I'll tell you what I was making!

Other holiday-themed things running around in my brain include greeting cards and decorations, and something I associate with Christmas more than with other times of the year, Moravian Sugar Cake.

Yes, that cake is fattening. It is one of those where thinking about it too hard is likely to induce weight gain. The one saving grace for me is that it's so rich I only want a small bit when I do eat it.

Crocheting, decorating, doing cards, and thinking about getting sugar cake. Christmas is definitely on the way.

The Royal Appearance - December 9

It was a true Chapel Hill kind of day. A day when a chance meeting with a drag queen on a Chapel Hill Transit bus seems as ordinary as a chance encounter with a college student.

Said drag queen is a young man I've seen on the bus before, but I wasn't sure about the drag queen part till yesterday. He was in an odd mix of clothing, mostly feminine items but a few unisex pieces. Accessories included pink flats and a handbag.

How we wound up in conversation was the man sitting beside me, who was a nurse, was being chatty. I tried to keep my nose in my newspaper, to avoid staring at what was striking me as very odd bus behavior: the young man was obviously putting lotion on certain parts of his body.

The nurse managed to ask the young man, who was seated across from us, about his piercings and body art, in such a way that the question wasn't nosy. Turned out several of the tattoos are new, thus the need for the lotioning.

As we rode on, the young man picked up the chatty mood of the nurse, and I decided to quit pretending I wasn't listening. I nodded and smiled more than I spoke, but that was because the young man barely stopped talking. He told about his job as a bartender, and about his shows at another club. We also heard a lot about his upcoming wedding and about his plans to live in Europe.

The monologue, which I suspect contained more than a few grains of fiction, went on along those lines until we reached the nurse's bus stop. The young man sort of wound down at that point, and I went back to reading the newspaper, knowing that nothing I read would be half as interesting as what I'd just heard.

Let's just say this was by no means the only time I've ever been the audience for a rehearsal, but I do believe this is my first time doing so on a bus.

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