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December 2005

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No Go, It's Faux - December 8

At one of my business sites (they're linked in the sidebar) I got a request for a craft link the other day that I'm not going to accept. The reason? The woman making the request wants customers to pay $15.00 to have her print and mail to them what is clearly clipart.

Even though it's printed on card stock, and hey! she'll be happy to customize for a few dollars more, there is nothing about this faux artwork of hers that would entice me to buy it, recommend it, or keep from cringing if someone gave me one of her "creations."

But she did write a really nice note, and say all the stock things one says when trying to get a link, about search engines and whatnot. I suspect she'll get some links out of her endeavor, from people who only read her note and don't bother checking the site itself.

I admire her for wanting to make money. But I suspect that the only way she's going to make money from this venture is if people want to throw that amount of cash at gag gifts.

Please feel free to insert your own joke here.

Of Manners and Holidays - December 7

I've run across several discussions of Things Politically Correct of late. And I think a lot more gets read into that term than was ever intended.

I hate it when people use "politically correct" incorrectly. At its base level, it's merely a measure to prevent hurting someone's feelings. And people who don't get that are seeing it as a weapon being used against them.

Take out the phrase and substitute, "well-mannered." That should help you determine whether or not something is appropriate to say to someone.

Oh, and if you're of a mind to use political correctness as a weapon, stop that right this minute. That's boorish and you know better.

Some people see polital correctness as a censoring device. For me, that's only true in the self-censoring sense. For instance, I tend to use far fewer cursewords in these journal entries than I do in my everyday life since I know those words are offensive to some people. Also, I see it as an exercise in creativity to come up with another word. But if I really want to use that curseword, I will.

On a related note, I'm finding it interesting to be a witness to the arguing over whether or not "Happy Holidays" should be the greeting of choice at this season of the year, instead of picking a specific holiday and using its name.

My own preference these days is to pay attention to whom I'm greeting. And if I don't know the person, I'll go with the generic, "Holidays," because it does not take away from my own beliefs to wish someone else joy.

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