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December 2005

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Sneezing, Continued - December 5

I tell you, there are some unexpected benefits of having one of these personal website things. One for me was that since Wendy reads my journal, she knew I had come down with a cold.

She wrote to me to say she hoped I'd feel free to stay home out of the nasty weather, and that she would pick up any work slack.

This took the responsibility for actually writing in to work off of me. All I had to do was reply, "Yes, thanks."

And I stayed home. I slept, I watched television, I acted as though I were going to crochet some things, and I did a lot of writing, mainly e-mail to reply to get-well messages.

The reply that was the most fun to do was a reply to a friend who lives several states away. He commiserated about my cold, because he's just getting over one. I said I was sure I hadn't caught his, unless he was in my town sneezing on Saturday, and if he was, then just why hadn't he called to say hello?

Right now, I'm settling in for the night. I've taken my meds and am making sure to do all the feel-better things. I hope I'm better tomorrow.

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