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December 2005

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Something to Sneeze At - December 4

Today has been do a few crochet stitches then stop to blow my nose. A few more stitches, then cough. I woke up feeling pretty well, but as the day wore on, I realized that the sneezes were not an allergy.

That's right, I'm catching a cold. Damnit.

So instead of several things I was planning to do today, I have slept and taken cold medicine and vitamins (that's me you hear rattling) and been glad I have the ginormous box of tissues.

I did manage to feed myself rather well, since I had stocked up on comfort food. I've had plenty of fluids, too. And as is usually the case, there was plenty to read, online and off. Which is good, because there wasn't much I was interested in on television.

Before the night is over, I need to do a few things to get ready for tomorrow, and of course blow my nose a few million more times. Then I want to get to bed early. So I'll keep this entry short.

Of course, for your protection I have sprayed this entry with disinfectant before posting it.

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