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December 2005

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The Day - December 3

Today was the day that for the first time in three weeks I managed to get a full-fledged grocery/drugstore trip made. My still-fairly-sore foot decided to cooperate. I think it may have realized that its options were cooperate or be gnawed off, although I never did say that out loud.

And the weather decided to cooperate, too. No rain while I was out was a very good thing. No overwrought Christmas shoppers was a very good thing. And the stores having what I wanted was a very good thing. I am now well fortified with what I want for meals and snacks for the next week or longer.

I don't want to give the impression that I've been starving the past two weeks or so since the previous trip's supply had started dwindling. There are certainly other places to procure food and sundries in my daily life, and I took advantage of them. It's just that for staples and certain brands, I wanted to go to the regular stores.

So that was the big deal for today. Other parts have included putting serious thought into Christmas gifts and some reading. There was also a bit of goofing off, and of course some enjoying of the goods brought home.

In other words, it was Saturday.

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