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December 2005

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Several Things - December 1

Last year on World AIDS day I ended my entry by saying, "And I fervently hope that one of these days World AIDS Day will be the day in which victory over AIDS is celebrated. Toward that end, I will remind all of you, no matter your sexual orientation, to be safe." This World AIDS Day, I reiterate both the hope and the reminder.

* * * * * * * * * * *

A lot of the time I forget that there are people in Chapel Hill who do not share my liberal bent toward things. So I get shocked with things like a recent letter to the editor of the Daily Tar Heel from a research technician who said, "True Christianity never will accept homosexuality as an acceptable behavior, so deal with it." This was part of her response to a political cartoon she didn't like.

A reply to her letter today was more thoughtful than anything I could have written, in large part because its writer managed to reply without comment on her attitude, choosing instead to concentrate on the points she raised.

So I won't reply in that venue, but here I will say that I hope the technician will someday show me the letter appointing her the arbiter of all things True Christian.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Go see what Catherine did with the meme!

I'm enjoying reading these entries (including those linked yesterday). And I look forward to reading more of them, so if you've done one (or more) of these entries, please send me the link.

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