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October 2005

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Today's Hell - October 26

Just when you think you've had all you can take, the bus service delivers another blast.

Today's hell began when the bus got to the road my office is on but couldn't go down that road because the intersection was being paved. As it happens, the office road runs parallel to another road, quite closely for a bit, so the bus driver took the parallel road and dealt with the three bus stops on my road from across the grass. He knew where to let me off, and ultimately I only walked about fifteen feet more than I would have walked otherwise. Not a problem.

I kept an eye out through the afternoon to see whether buses on the route were taking the office road or the parallel one, so that I'd have a better idea of where to wait for my bus on the way home. All was well; I saw one bus on the office road and heard another, so I went to my regular stop. I figured at the worst I'd have to cross the grassy area if for some reason the road was closed again before my time to leave.

But no. Whatever was going on --- traffic delays from the last of the paving, a mix-up, the phase of the moon --- the bus did not come. Not on the office road, and not on the parallel. And I was tired and already at the end of my rope (see yesterday's entry for an explanation), and it was getting later and later. I was afraid that neither my bus nor the next one would come, and that I would be stranded in the dark on the eastern side of a town I live west of. I believe I've mentioned I was tired.

So tired and frustrated that I wound up in tears. I decided the only thing to do was go disrupt the people still in my office and ask for a ride home. When I got back there, Wendy was on the phone with a client, so she missed the burst of tears. Rick wasn't so lucky; poor man got cried on. He had a client coming in, but he told me someone would take me home.

I managed to choke out, "Thanks," then went into my own office, sat there in the dark room and cried till I was through crying. Rick, meanwhile, realized Wendy was off the phone, so he went to see if she could take me home. Then he came back to me, told me what was going on, and suggested we go out to smoke before his client arrived.

We did, and a little while later, when she was finished with what she was doing, Wendy brought me home. I deeply appreciated the ride, and haven't been quite so glad to get home in a long time. I've now had a nap and dinner, and have calmed down some.

At the same time, I'm quite frankly dreading tomorrow.

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