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October 2005

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Gloom - October 12

The days themselves are depressing this week. In those hours when we expect to see sunshine, there has been little of it. Instead, we have either had gray, misty skies or skies of who knows what color because it's raining too much to look that direction.

I've changed my after-work plans two times already thanks to the gloom. And I'm tired of it. I'm tired of a lot of things right about now, but the gloom going away would help a whole lot.

It doesn't help that my back will not completely stop hurting. I haven't had one of the unrelenting backaches in a while, but this one is reminding me why I find them unpleasant. And this one is a tease. It will ease off a bit, then come back to full strength when I'm not expecting it to do so.

I've said before that my back has its own personality. This week that personality is being a real bitch.

The backache going away would help a whole lot, too.

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