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October 2005

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Different Scope - October 2

Something amusing happened the other day about a personal site that had been on my journal links list. I hadn't been notified of an update to the site for a while, so I went looking. What I found was a totally different site from the one I was expecting.

I found an entry that was mainly about sexual things. Okay, let's call it what it was: softcore porn. Many of you know I am not opposed to porn. But since this entry was so different in character than the earlier ones (which had been entries about the writer's thoughts, her family, etc.), I wrote to the writer to inquire about the change in, umm, scope.

She replied that the site was no longer hers. She went on to say that perhaps she should have sent a notify message announcing that she was taking down her entries, but would perhaps post again in the future (which she did send, by the way, after she replied to me). Apparently there had been another person using that URL before she had it, and that person took the URL back as soon as it was available.

Although I will miss the writer's entries, I have to say I'm glad to have found out what had happened. I would hate to think someone whose work I really liked wrote porn that badly.

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