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September 2005

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Pills - September 29

There are probably quite a few people who have at some time in their lives been surprised by the game, Fifty-two Card Pick-up. You can probably guess what that is, if you haven't had the pleasure.

Well, today I accidentally played my own version of it, except with pills instead of cards, and it seemed more like fifty-two million of them.

Several weeks ago I bought the ginormous bottle of Ibuprofen caplets at the local drugstore, in part because I had a really good coupon. I've been putting caplets from that bottle into a smaller one, so that I could take some with me without having to use a wheelbarrow to carry my handbag.

This morning as I was getting ready for work I realized I needed to restock the Ibuprofen in my smaller bottle, and I got the bright idea of just pouring from the larger container. A bad idea. A very bad idea, especially since I was in a hurry.

I did at least manage to keep them confined to the table, so I didn't have to chase caplets all over the room. But it was amazing to see them take off skittering across the table, as though they were going to have to run to catch the bus.

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My site statistics are showing a huge number of visits from a specific IP in Norway. I can tell that it isn't someone stealing bandwidth by linking to an image, but I'm a little curious about my recent popularity. I suspect I'm somehow part of a school project. If so, and you're participating, please tell me about it.

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