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September 2005

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Celebration - September 28

When I was at work late this afternoon, I realized all I really wanted to do was clear out the outdated flyers and catalogs on my bookshelf. Since I was otherwise caught up with work, I did the clearing out. I wanted to make the space clean.

It took a little while for the reason I wanted to make something clean to dawn on me---it was grief. When I'm grieving, I clean. And this day I am grieving for my friend who died in July. She's on my mind in part because her family is having a memorial service this weekend, in the state where she was born and lived much of her life.

So I cleaned the bookshelf and thought of my late friend, and of her daughter, her son-in-law, her husband, and other members of the family. I thought of shared jokes and shared outlooks. I thought of the strength of the friendships involved, and of the ways those friendships came to be.

As the afternoon became evening and I finished the clearing out and came home, I laughed some and I cried some.

And I celebrated a life.

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