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September 2005

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Noisy - September 22

For reasons not totally related to not sleeping all that well, I've been tired the last couple of days. I can tell I'm a little on the tired side when I'm even more bothered by distractions of the noisy kind than usual.

And today was one noisy distraction after another. The day began with people mowing grass outside my bedroom window, followed quickly by leaf blowers attacking anything the mower might have left unscathed. That made me give up any thought of sleeping late.

Noise was present for much of the rest of the day in the form of road construction crews, a car detailing squad, and at least one visitor to the office complex who thought it was his mission to stand in one spot and shout at someone with whom he wanted to converse who was about twenty feet away.

It's moments like that when I really wish earplugs were considered high fashion!

At least it was quiet after I got home. I took advantage of that and took a long nap. And afterward the noisiest thing I've heard is my very quiet keyboard. That's my level of acceptable noise.

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