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September 2005

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Two Good Things - September 21

I got e-mail today from a friend who is planning to adopt a rescued Golden Retriever through an agency in upstate South Carolina. My friend wanted me to see the dog she's interested in, and I did, but before I got there, I was captivated by the picture of one of the already-adopted Goldens at the bottom of this page.

A happy picture. I needed that!

By the way, if you're considering adopting a dog, I definitely think it's worth your time to investigate rescue groups for the breed of your choice.

The parts of my day not spent looking at Golden pictures included a long talk with my friend who is in recovery. He continues substance-free, a day at a time. I am always glad for a chance to get to talk with him these days...for a very long time, that was a difficult thing to do.

A good talk and a happy picture. I think we'll call it a good day.

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