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September 2005

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On Time - September 20

This was a day when I could use a little special help, and I got some. The driver of the afternoon bus from the office knew the bus was running a couple of minutes late, and that there was a risk I would miss my connecting bus to get home.

As I got on the bus, she told me not to worry, that she had already called the driver of the connecting bus, explained the problem, and asked him to wait at the stop a couple of minutes if need be. I thanked her, of course, and was almost in tears at the kindness because I had had an afternoon-long headache and really wasn't looking forward to being downtown an extra half-hour.

When we got downtown, I put my long legs to good use in hurrying to the next stop, because I knew my two grace minutes were about to run out. As it happens, the bus I was supposed to meet was running slightly late, also, which meant I got to the stop with about thirty seconds to spare.

I was the second person on, and told the driver I was the woman for whom he'd been asked to wait. "I thought it was you! I recognized her description of your sunglasses!" was his reply.

He also asked me for my name, which I gave him. Tomorrow, I plan to make sure the driver on the afternoon bus from the office also knows my name---it might make it slightly easier if she has to ask for the favor again. Although I certainly don't mind being recognized by my sunglasses, there are days when I don't happen to be wearing them.

I got home, wrote a couple of notes to friends, and got rid of the last of my headache with dinner and a nap. All done when I wanted to do so, not half an hour later, thanks to the kindnesses of two people who really made my day.

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