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September 2005

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An Anecdote - September 13

A bus anecdote for you: The evening bus from the office to downtown is driven most days by a woman who takes over the route as that bus is coming from downtown out to the eastern area. She was complaining one day last week that the driver she relieves was almost always late getting the bus to the downtown stop, therefore making her be late.

I commiserated, and said I was glad to know why the bus was so late, because that lateness had caused me to miss the bus I wanted to catch to my apartment and made me wait downtown an extra half-hour.

And I agreed that if it kept happening, I would call the transportation department and complain. The driver said that several other people were thinking along the same lines---they were willing to give the other driver through the end of the week to correct the problem, but then complaint calls would be made.

We weren't being unreasonable about this: the specific time of day is not one with particularly heavy traffic on that route, nor a heavy passenger load. So the other driver was dawdling somewhere, perhaps taking an extra-long break.

And things did indeed get better. We were on time Friday, though I had other plans and didn't come straight home from the office. Today, the driver (who knew of my Friday plans---I told you there weren't many passengers) asked if I had been able to catch my connecting bus yesterday. I said I had indeed. She said, "Well all right! Let's do it again!" And we did.

And that's just one of the reasons I love living in this part of the state. It's large enough to have a pretty good bus system, but small enough that the drivers watch out for the passengers as individuals.

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