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September 2005

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Digital Piano - September 12

Several people have gotten digital pianos recently. I have one, too, but I've had it a long time. A friend here mentioned she might want to sell hers, since she rarely played any more and was thinking she'd like to have the space. I told her that if she did decide to sell, I'd appreciate it if she would let me know before she advertised in the local shopping tabloid.

We left it that if such time came, she would set a price, and if I could afford it I would buy it, but that if I couldn't I'd say so and there would be no hard feelings. And no bargaining over the price, because I hate doing that and I particularly hate it when friends are involved.

This was during the time I was staying with my mother after her first stroke. I was interested in having the piano because I wanted to be able to play when she was asleep, without worrying over waking her, and knew the headphones would allow that.

Some months later, my friend had made up her mind. She had also gotten in touch with the local store from which she had originally purchased it, to check on prices. They suggested a price, she called me, I could meet the price, and a week or so later I had the piano in the back seat of my car.

When I got back home with the piano, I needed some help with getting it inside the house. I thought about it a few minutes, then realized where I could find plenty of assistance---it was a Wednesday, which was choir rehearsal night at my church. I waited till rehearsal time was ending, then walked over to the church and asked for strong people for a music-related favor. A couple of the choir members were happy to oblige.

Once I got it inside the house, it was easy to put it back together, and a few minutes later there was music in the living room again---there had not been since my acoustic piano (the one I love so much) had come to live with me.

Getting that piano was one of the best things I did during those years.

To those with recently-acquired digitals, my best wishes for many years of happiness with your pianos. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine.

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