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September 2005

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Catching Up - September 11

Today has been a day to get caught up. I read some journals I've missed the past few days, did some housework, and did a few other things that had fallen by the wayside of the past week's busy days. It is good to be heading into the next week a little more prepared than I might be otherwise.

I realized that I hadn't written about a pleasant moment from last week, and I thought this might be a good time to tell the tale.

On Wednesday there was a repair being done to the front of the porch overhang at the law firm. I saw this as I approached the building, and was immediately left giggling. No, it wasn't amusing that we needed a board replaced. Nor were the workers doing anything to make me laugh.

What was so funny was the ladders they were using. One ladder was about a third shorter than the other. I wanted to go into the office and grab our stepladder, which would have been seen to be a third shorter than the shorter ladder. Then we could have had a reenactment of Goldilocks!

I managed to restrain myself on that one, realizing that the workmen would probably not see the humor in it. But I appreciated the chance to laugh, once I was all the way inside the building.

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