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September 2005

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Encounter - September 9

I had one of those encounters today that people worldwide hope to avoid. The dreaded accidental meeting with the ex's relatives. In this case, the sister and brother-in-law of my ex were on the bus I needed to take to the grocery store.

We were playing a game, I think, that of "I Don't Know You." Or perhaps they really didn't recognize me---I was wearing my hair up, which I rarely did when they did know me. In any case, we wound up not speaking nor even acknowledging the encounter. Which suited me just fine.

The woman who would have been my sister-in-law has a reputation for never shutting up. I had forgotten exactly how annoying that could be until this afternoon. I was sitting behind the pair of them, and she kept up a constant stream of chatter. She read aloud most of the signs we passed.

I happen to know that her husband is neither blind nor illiterate, so he was not in need of having the signs read to him. But he has always been the absolute soul of patience with her. He nodded and made brief comments when she paused to breathe.

Yes, I'm being catty. She does chatter too much, and she did read the damned signs as though she had never seen the freaking things before...and trust me, most of those signs have been there several months at least. She's also a little on the overbearing side---my ex and his mother were both a little afraid of her.

Enough of this. It's just good, occasionally, to be reminded that things could indeed be worse than having a bad breakup.

The shopping itself went well. I had done enough stocking-up last week that I didn't need so much today, and that made the trip home with the bags a little easier. That part was a pleasant end to a fairly low-key day.

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