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September 2005

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Lacey Day and a Salesman - September 6

Lacey came to work today. She's the youngest dog in Wendy and Rick's household, and since Zoe's death she's the only female canine. Wendy decided Lacey might like a day away from the boys, so she came to spend it with us.

Lacey is a long-legged girl, with a really beautiful face. And a great disposition. She loves to greet people, and as long as you don't give her reason to dislike you, you're her buddy. I described her this afternoon as a long-legged bundle of sweet. Because that's what she is.

When the law firm decided to rent space in the condo next door to the firm's main office, a connecting passageway was built. We have downstairs units, so the connector goes behind the two staircases and includes a zig-zag.

Lacey decided the best possible place for her to rest all afternoon was in the widest point of the zig-zag. That way she could keep an eye on all of her people. Traffic in that connector is fairly heavy, so she got a lot of attention from all of us.

The day itself was reasonably quiet, at least the afternoon was. I understand from Kathy that a salesman from an office supply company came by the office twice during the morning, looking for me and hoping I'd place an order. He had been by last week, and had, at the time, asked me to compare prices on a couple of products and see if his company gave a better deal than the company we normally use.

But he's made two mistakes of the pushy sort. He came by earlier in the week than he had said he was going to come, then he came by again, earlier than he had been told I would be there. Having proved himself to be pushy, he's about to find out that's the fastest way in the world to lose my business. I hope he doesn't come tomorrow till I can get there.

As Wendy put it, he's about to hear my mother's schoolteacher voice as I tell him why he needs to go away.

And in case you're wondering, the prices on the products I checked are exactly the same.

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