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September 2005

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Labor Day - September 5

Well, the day didn't work out exactly as I had thought it would since it was cloudy enough that working on the handwork outside wasn't practical. But the hardest part of that project (mimicking someone else's crochet stitches to repair a piece of lace) is done. The rest is a few minutes of sewing. I hope to have that done before I go to bed.

I feel very good about being this far along with that project. I have spent time recently doing practice bits of the crochet, and finally figured out what I needed to do with it. I'll spare you the crochet geek details.

Along the way, I figured out that I really should have charged the customer more money than I did, but this was one where I was paid in advance at a rate I set, so my quibble is with myself. I'm pondering price changes as I type.

And I did a little housework. Emphasis on little, but I'm pleased with it nonetheless. Of course, I did the requisite holiday goofing off.

All in all, a good day.

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