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August 2005

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Lunch - August 31

I had lunch today with Rick. Usually if he and I are lunch partners we read the newspaper, swapping sections and laughing out loud as appropriate. Today, we didn't have the paper with us, so we sat and talked. It's been a busy summer, and we hadn't had much time to just talk, so I was glad we had the chance.

In case anyone is wondering, yes, his wife, Wendy, knew of our dining plans, and knows that Rick and me having lunch is in no way a threat to their marriage. I'm telling you that because there was the one time someone truly did not think it was all right for Rick and me to have lunch.

That time, we had gone to a restaurant where Rick and Wendy often dined. The man who owned it happened to be working behind the order counter that day. He knew I worked for the law firm (Rick is Senior Partner) because Rick had introduced me another time when Rick and Wendy and I had all three gone there for lunch. But when he saw just the two of us, he jumped to a conclusion.

And he glared at me. He continued to do so anytime he caught my eye.

Since it's really hard to prove a negative, I decided it would be pointless to tell him that Rick and I were just reading the paper and that Wendy knew all about it. I also realized there was probably nothing I could ever do to convince him it was okay, including having lunch with Wendy alone or with Wendy and Rick. And I was pretty sure that taking another man there was completely out of the question unless I really wanted to be branded the area slut.

But I gotta tell you, I haven't felt that guilty for being sinless in a very long time!

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