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August 2005

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Substitute Shopping - August 29

This was one of those days when not much went the way it was planned. This was especially true after work. I was supposed to go grocery shopping. I needed to do that, and had dressed accordingly (for sunburn avoidance and for the extra walking).

Only there was a serious delay to the bus schedule. The bus from the office complex was more than twenty minutes late. I got downtown too late to get the bus to the grocery store. There are later buses heading that direction, but the next one wasn't due for a fairly lengthy interval.

So I decided to put off the grocery store trip, but I still needed to get a few things to fill in the nutrition gaps in Beckyland. I knew the chain drugstore downtown carried some things that would work, so I headed in, paying careful attention to the time because I didn't want to miss the last bus to my apartment complex.

And once in the store I learned they had rearranged the food area's shelves, no doubt to confuse me. The peanut butter was hiding in plain sight two shelves below its former home. Several other things were also in new-to-me places.

I did manage to get the things I needed and get to the bus stop on time, but I will need real groceries soon. I hope the bus cooperates.

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