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August 2005

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Birthdays, Work, and Stress Prevention - August 25

We had office lunch out today, to celebrate Wendy's birthday, which happens to be today, and that of Associate 1, which was earlier in the month. It was good to spend the time with these people, and get caught up on their lives.

The restaurant the two of them chose is one not far from the office, and it was my first time there after a change had taken place. The restaurant used to be part of a franchised setup. I'm not completely sure what happened to sour that, but the man who had been the franchisee now has the restaurant on his own.

The food is basically the same, as is the decor, minus the franchise-trademarked things. One thing that definitely hasn't changed: there's always plenty of food served. And the food is good.

The rest of the day was pleasant. I got caught up on a few things that had been waiting on my desk for a spare minute. I was glad to get those pieces of paper off my desk.

* * * * * * * * * * *

After work, I got caught up with a little reading. I happened to be reading through some household and personal hints, and remembered that occasionally a hint that might work for much of the world just will not work for me.

The hint that triggered the memory was aimed at stress reduction. It was that one should keep on one's desk a bowl filled with beach sand and sea shells, and that when one felt stressed one should run fingers through the mix and imagine being at the beach.

And why that would never work for me is that I would worry constantly over such a bowl. I would worry that I would knock it over and have sand on my desk, on my paperwork, and in my computer keyboard, as well as on my chair, in my clothes, and on the floor.

All that worrying would not be relaxing! I think I'll prevent my own stress and skip that hint.

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