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August 2005

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August 24 on the 25th - August 24

I was very, very tired last night. I had run an errand after work, and it wound up taking a little more time than I had planned. By the time I got home and had dinner, about all I wanted to do was sleep. So I did just that.

I thought I was just going to take a nap, then would wake up and write something. But it turned out that the nap lasted till well after the next morning was ready to get started.

So this tiny little entry is my way of saying I'm all right, just out of time to write much.

New Topic - August 23

My thanks tonight to Pat Robertson for shooting his mouth off today so I'd have something besides the dead to discuss.

Oops, wait, that's what he wanted to talk about, too, in terms of making someone be dead. Precisely, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. In essence, Robertson said that it would be cheaper to send operatives to kill Chavez than to start a war.

Well, yes, that is true. But it's definitely no basis for assassination, which by the way is illegal. It would be even cheaper to save all bullets and stay home. And I'm all in favor of both cheap and not killing people.

It is sort of fun to hear some of the extremely right-wing Christians shoot off their mouths, except that people who hear the pronouncements are occasionally apt to confuse these right-wingers with the whole of Christianity.

Actually, there are a whole lot of us who identify ourselves as Christian who cringe at the notion of being identified as being on the same planet as Robertson and his ilk.

In fact, I'd like to start a coalition to send all the televangelists to another planet. I'm thinking Pluto might be nice this time of year.

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