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August 2005

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About the Girl - August 17

My best dogfriend had a really rough morning. Zoe has a problem with her right shoulder, and wound up going to the vet's. This after she had fallen and screamed in pain. Some medication has been prescribed. The problem is not one that can be surgically repaired. Time will tell.

And I'm reminded once again of how fragile life is. And of how much I love that dog.

In this entry I wrote, "I met Zoe when she had been at Wendy and Rick's for a couple of weeks. And I fell in love with her on the spot. There was just something about that face, and about her head-butting my forearm to let me know she was not quite through having me pet her head, that did the trick."

In case you haven't figured out from all the times I've written about her, I'm still in love with that girl. I know she loves me, too. I've told the story before of the morning she was visiting the office and put her paw in my hand, though she really didn't like to have people touch her paws.

When I realized what it meant that she had trusted me not to hurt her paw, I knew for sure we had something special.

And we do.

Please send my best dogfriend some good healing and strength vibes. She'll appreciate it, and so will all her people.

The picture is a favorite, from her eleventh birthday in April.

Zoe's afternoon nap.

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