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August 2005

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Not All Right - August 16

It would be understating the case to say that this summer has not been particularly easy for me. I am trying not to descend too far into feeling sorry for myself, but sometimes you have to acknowledge that things are not all right. And today is that day for me.

Specifically, the problems today are a bit of heat rash in a very delicate spot where being rubbed by my clothes can't be helped, and the damned tendonitis in my ankle, which just will not go the hell away. Part of the problem with that is having to deal with hills in walking, and having to deal with steps, as well.

So when I got home from work and ran into TeKay on AIM, the poor man got an eyefull when he asked how I was. He did share some physical therapy advice that might make my legs in general happier. Sometimes if you tell a friend just exactly how you are when asked, you get some good advice.

The bus adventure today was a grim one that could have been infinitely worse. As we were leaving downtown Chapel Hill, the bus slowed as we approached a stop. All of a sudden, "slowed" turned into "brakes slammed on" and people in the front of the bus who could see what was happening saying, "Oh my God!"

Turns out that the two parents waiting at that stop had let go of their young daughters' hands, and the two little girls had darted into the road. The bus driver managed not to hit them. He told the parents, as he opened the door, "You need to use common sense!" Said parents and the two girls did get on the bus, came back to the section where I was sitting, and the parents fussed at the girls all the rest of the ride, not only about running into the street but about whatever else they had on their minds.

I managed to bite my tongue, because I knew that nothing I had to say would be considered useful, especially since I had not actually seen what happened. Let's just say that getting off that particular bus was a pleasure, even if I did have to walk down the hill.

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