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August 2005

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No Question - August 15

This morning on my way down Franklin Street, I was following a woman who was wearing a very short dress. Think elongated tank top for the length. She was also wearing what looked to be a fully-loaded backpack.

As I got closer to her, I could tell that the pack was causing her dress to be pulled up. In fact, the dress was pulled up so much that I could see her butt in great detail. No panties.

I didn't know the woman. I was a little too far behind her to catch her attention without shouting, and without a name to go with the shout, I'm not at all sure she would have realized I was talking to her. I suppose I could have shouted, "Hey, Lady! You in the black minidress with the backpack and the butt showing!"

While that would definitely have been heard, it would probably not have been appreciated. She headed into a store, and I continued on my way in silence, being grateful that it was not my attire that was showing off whether or not I was wearing panties.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Most of what I've been doing at work the last few weeks has been document preparation for one attorney's estate planning clients. We have a standard template for those, and my job involves taking the information the attorney gives me and putting it into the template. Which, of course, gets saved under the client's name.

Today my work computer let me know in no uncertain terms it was truly tired of doing these documents. As I started to save a document (mercifully, at the very beginning of working on it) the computer froze. A bit later, the same thing happened again. I gave up on the document and ran utilities instead.

While they were running, I did some work that didn't require computer assistance. Since it was almost the end of the workday, I decided the computer and I could both let that document remain undone until tomorrow.

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