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August 2005

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Two Unrelated Subjects - August 8

I was talking with a friend today about wishing I had known earlier on the mean streak in someone. I said it was hard to take in that many people mainly thought of this person as mean, because I had never witnessed that in him until quite late in his life. The person with whom I was talking asked if that was how my friends would have felt about my mother.

It was a real question, not a snarky remark. I answered it, and I'll tell anyone else interested: no. While it is the case that my mother had a mean, ugly, nasty temper, that wasn't really a secret...because she really wasn't good at controlling it. Nor was it the whole of her, at all. My mother had a very loving streak to go along with it. Both were very real components of a complex woman.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I haven't talked much about spam recently, because I haven't had that much that needed talking about. But I got some over the weekend that amused me. Apparently Freud wants me to buy some software. I didn't read the message, but I did ponder the state of things. It would be a real shame if the father of modern psychotherapy has fallen on such hard times (umm, never mind that he's dead) that he needs to augment his income by hawking discount versions of popular programs.

The e-mail that amuses me most these days is from thinly-disguised links farms. The notes almost always go to great lengths to assure me the writer has visited my Rebeccaworks site and thinks we'd make good linking partners since our products complement each other. And what are these people selling? Everything from swimming pools to discount drugs.

I've done some head-scratching on the complementing each other thing, and about all I can get from it is you could conceivably use my crocheted bags to carry your sunscreen out to the pool or your drug purchases home from the Post Office. Otherwise, nope.

At least Freud didn't ask for a link.

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