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August 2005

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Didn't Help - August 6

Earlier this week a friend of mine's husband was "helping" by cleaning what he considered useless things off the hard drive of their main computer. Only he did something so wrong that my friend told him to go run errands and take in a movie for a few hours to let her calm down. Seems he decided that all the e-mail in her inbox prior to a certain date this spring was useless, so he deleted it.

I haven't heard if he did so permanently or if she could still retrieve any of it. If it's permanent, her husband may still be making the rounds of local theaters.

Let's just say it's a good thing he does not have access to my computer.

Although I have lots of very useful folders set up, I keep some things in my inbox, too. The oldest thing there these days is from May 2003. It's a note I sent to myself, with another friend's contact information in it.

I sent it from my main account to one of my accounts that's also available as webmail, so that no matter where I was I could retrieve it. I did this to help keep track of that friend's telephone numbers (he has almost as many of them as I have e-mail addresses). It has come in handy on more than one occasion.

As to the other things, in some cases they are notes from close friends that contain some piece of information I want to be able to find as quickly as possible. In others, they're something wonderful and loving that friends have sent to me. No, not something forwarded; a message from one person's heart to mine.

And I suspect my friend has a similar system of folders set up, with things she wanted left in the inbox. For both their sakes, I hope her husband never "helps" her that way again.

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