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August 2005

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An Adventure - August 1

This afternoon's adventure involved three fire trucks and lots and lots of dogs.

I had gone to the grocery store after work, and was on my way down the sidewalk away from the small shopping center when I heard sirens. Looking over my shoulder, I saw three fire trucks coming down the street. They were slowing down, so I knew their destination was close.

The lead truck turned into the side street I was planning to walk down next. I still couldn't tell where there was a fire, but was beginning to wonder if I should plan an alternate route home. As I walked on, I saw that two of the trucks were still on the main street. A firefighter was opening a hydrant and attaching a hose to it. I stopped, more to stay out of his way than to watch.

When he finished, I continued on my way. I knew he would have told me to stop if I were getting into an area where I would be in the way -- of either harm or the firefighters.

I got closer to the side street, and could hear dogs barking. As I got closer still, I could see some of the dogs, standing with their owners. Said owners were looking at the house on the corner, from which a little smoke was coming. I could, by that time, tell that it was safe to go ahead the way I usually go home, so I turned down the side street.

To find more dogs participating in the gossip session. They were in various yards, adding comments when some really juicy tidbit passed their ears. The humans who were outside with their respective dogs were also talking, and I stopped long enough to find out that no one was hurt and that the fire had been contained to a small area of the house (I don't know the origin, but I'm guessing it was a kitchen fire of some sort).

So, with my groceries in hand and the knowledge that the adventure was drawing to at least a mostly happy ending, I headed the rest of the way home.

By the time I reached my complex I could tell from the silence behind me that even the dogs were satisfied that the adventure was done.

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