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July 2005

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Live My Life - July 28

Live my life. Get up, drink some coffee and eat something so you can take the pills that ease your aches both physical and mental. Oh, and the one that makes it okay that there are mold spores and other allergens all around this time of year.

Get your clothes on. Realize you pretty much have to dress to go with your shoes, since you have to do so much more walking and carrying a spare pair of shoes is usually adding too much weight to what you already have to carry. Make sure you have your lunch.

Pick up your bag(s) and head out the door to the bus stop. An hour and two bus rides later, you'll be getting off the bus near the office. Walk down the hill and across the parking lot where you used to park before your car died. You'll be at work the rest of the day.

Leave the office to go stand at the bus stop again for the ride back home. Hope the bus isn't running late, since if you're late getting back downtown you'll miss the bus home and have to wait another forty-five minutes for the very last one of the day. If you do have to wait for that last one, be careful where you wait...remember that sunburn on the back of your neck hurts worst of all.

Unless, of course, it's grocery day, and you catch a different bus to go to the store. Once you get to the shopping center, do the drugstore part's easier that way. The grocery store itself probably won't be crowded at the moment, which is its own blessing.

Once you have the groceries, make sure the weight of them plus your other things is distributed well, then head home. It is a fairly pleasant walk, and will take ten to fifteen minutes. Switch hands for carrying things as needed.

Once you get home, remember to drink lots of water. You'll need it. Then, if applicable, put your purchases away and go sit down. Check messages and your e-mail, think about supper, eat something so you can take the evening dose of the pills that ease your aches both physical and mental. Remember to take your vitamins.

Turn off computer and rest for a while, to rest your ankle which is still hurting a little from the latest tendonitis flare-up. If you go to sleep, enjoy your nap.

Get up, check e-mail and websites. Do your evening things, including corresponding with friends and starting a journal entry. Watch television. Go back to bed.

And tomorrow, do it again. Unless it's a weekend, then stay home instead of heading to work.

Live my life.

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