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July 2005

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Crafts - July 25

This evening I came home from work and sat down to read the messages on a message board. A thread had been started about whether or not people disliked crafts, and why. Some of the people who had posted were vehement in their dislike of crafts.

I was a little stunned by the vehemence. I tried very hard to be polite in my reply, but I must admit it took all the good manners training I've ever had, along with all the antidepressants in my system, to do so.

I said, in part, that I do like crafts, and that I make some lovely things. And I do. I really like my work (or I wouldn't do it). Others who have seen or who own things I've made like the things. Either that, or I have some of the biggest liars on the planet for friends and customers.

One point with which I agree is that sometimes the makers of things do not take into consideration the recipients of said items. I definitely think that one should pay attention to the known likes or dislikes of the recipient. I've made this same point over and over in entries on gift-giving in general, and I definitely try to pay attention to such before devoting the time to crafts.

I ended my post to the thread by saying that I was sorry those who hated crafts felt that way. And I guess that's as good a way as any to end this, too.

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