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July 2005

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Update - July 23

The news from my friend is that she is stable again, and that the medications are keeping her comfortable. Her family members wait for the inevitable, and do what they can to make things comfortable for her. They are blessed that the hospital has a very good hospice unit, and that they can be with her at all times.

It's hard, waiting. It's hard when you know the ending. It's hard wanting both your normal routine back and for the wait to go on forever.

My day has been spent in support mode. I'm part of the telephone chain, and the e-mail chain, passing along news as appropriate. It's what I can do, at this moment. It is my privilege.

* * * * * * * * * * *

My friend who is in recovery recently shared a resource with me. The resource is Hazelden Foundation, specifically the daily e-mail series, Today's Gift. After reading the one for that day, I went to the site to learn more. I was impressed enough with the setup that I signed up to receive my own copies of Today's Gift.

Sometimes the messages are a little too religious for me, but on the whole I like them. The basic point of them is encouragement. And since that's my approach to people in general and to people who are trying to make changes in their lives in specific, I can definitely appreciate the encouraging words.

The messages, while encouraging remaining with one's recovery program, are also food for thought for the world at large. And as you may have guessed from the title, they encourage one day at a time.

I'm mentioning this in case you need some encouragement. The daily e-mail series is offered, free, to all. The information they requested at registration was minimal.

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