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July 2005

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Shoelaces - July 21

As we were headed downtown one morning this week, those of us on the bus were met at the stop near a park by a group of little children from a daycare center.

Unlike the last time a group of little children boarded, this time I'm sure they were from a daycare center. They and their teachers all wore matching t-shirts. Bright purple shirts, with the school's name on them.

This time a little boy from the group was sitting beside me. I happened to notice his right shoe was untied, and I asked the nearest teacher if it would be all right if I tied it for him. She nodded and I tied.

It may sound silly to a lot of you that doing this made me smile, but I really do like being around little children and being able to do things for them. I like the way they trust you.

I like being trusted like that.

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