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July 2005

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Eve - July 15

I took a vacation day from the law firm today, and used much of it to relax. The original plan for the day was to have time to visit with Patrick, whose plans had to change due to a work commitment. Then there were flight delays. He's here in the area now, and will be getting together with me and TeKay in the morning. I'm looking forward to having the time to sit and visit with them.

Although we have never been in the same place at the same time before, and I've just spent some time working out the directions from his hotel to my apartment (the online map gave me directions that I who live here would have a hard time following), since he's not a local friend who would just know how to get here, it sounds awkward to me to say I'll be meeting Patrick tomorrow.

Patrick has been part of my life for so long now that I forget we haven't sat in my living room before and chatted. I forget that the only time he's heard me play piano was when I sent him a sound file. I forget that he doesn't know where my office is.

TeKay I've known just slightly less time than I've known Patrick. But since he lives nearby, we have had chances to spend time together. I don't know that he knows exactly where my office is, but I'm sure he'd only really need the building and suite numbers to find it.

Anyway, after tomorrow Patrick and I will no longer have to wonder why it feels like we know each other. And I am really pleased we'll have a chance to talk without computer or telephone assisting us.

Of course, Patrick's here to see his play, Hit Me, directed by TeKay in the 10 X 10 Festival. I heard that the audience loved it opening night, and I can see why. This one packs quite a lot into ten minutes (I've read it). I hope the Saturday night audience shows him a warm welcome, and shows both him and TeKay appreciation for their work.

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